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Run Even Your First Project Right from One Page—Don’t Risk Project Failure!

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Are you…

• Stressed from managing projects and your full time job?

• Risking failure because you don’t have a simple, yet flexible way to run your projects?

• Struggling to manage a team stretched over too many locations?

What if you could…

…completely control and access all project data from one place at a moments notice? (No more searching because everything is right at your fingertips.)

…leverage MindManager, the #1 mapping software for business, with a simple and straightforward set of project management tools, techniques and processes in parallel with a template customized for every project.

…run a visually intuitive and dynamic Project Dashboard that you can use to communicate and collaborate with your stakeholders (clients, too) online or off.

Everything right at your fingertips!

In Mastering MindManager® for Projects you’ll dive into a unique online training course that integrates globally recognized project management strategies with MindManager® (versions 8 and 9) the market-leading, mind mapping software. Even if you run projects where team members are in different states or countries, you’ll save time, money and a huge amount of effort. This course is for project managers (see below) and is designed for everyone who is working with virtual project teams. Learn the secrets of under utilized MindManager functionalities to set up and run a project from start to finish while easily integrating this all with Microsoft Office.

Going Mobile
From a professionally designed template, you customize your own Project Dashboard (PD). The PD is a dynamic, visually intuitive interface for collaborating online or off. That means you can go mobile, running projects while you’re on the road. Very much like the dashboard in your car, your PD contains and displays all project information including your document files (fully integrated with MS Office®) as well as communication and risk management plans that link directly to planning and scheduling software MS Project®.

Let the dashboard set you free!

The Project Dashboard acts as the walls for your collaborative workspace, a place to post all project information and organize your project. As the project evolves, so does the Project Dashboard. Your workspace is mobile; you can use it online for global or multi site projects or in a meeting room. You’re always ready for meetings, just throw your PD on a screen or share via the web! More

Do I need to change the way I work?

Continue to do projects your way as the PD is like a virtual project room you can quickly customize to incorporate your company’s and your industry’s project management needs. The key advantage of the PD is having everything and anything related to your project organized and accessible on one page. More

What’s In It for Me?

For professional project managers, you’ll come away with a new tool for communicating and collaborating. The Project Dashboard will save you time and effort, especially if you’re managing simultaneous projects or projects with multiple locations. Your PD can even handle two or more languages for better communication!

For those new to project management, you’ll learn to manage projects of any size based on global standards. The Project Dashboard is especially useful if you perform projects infrequently since all you have to do is fill in your template. What’s more, the skills you learn, such as goal setting, planning, scheduling, and risk management can be applied to many business settings besides project management. And there’s my no worries, rock-solid, 100% risk-free, 60-day money-back guarantee because I am sure this course will change the way you work on projects. If it doesn’t, you get a full refund. And there’s more…


To get you started off right, I’ll send you the Project Dashboard template , right away, just like the one in the video! Within an hour, you’ll be customizing to suit your needs!


Get access to new bonus videos on how to integrate MS Outlook and MS Project. Learn how to assign tasks to your team via your Project Dashboard and Outlook and automatically update when team members complete tasks. Also, I’ll show you how to easily import and export to MS Project so you can integrate the world’s most popular project management software with your Project Dashboard. Running projects just got easier!


Earn 50% on every friend or colleague you introduce and who signs up for the course. You can give them the money as a discount or keep it as a bonus!


1 year to complete the course. That means you have plenty of time to become entirely comfortable with your virtual Project Dashboard. It also means you’ll receive all updated and new videos as we continue to keep up with newer versions.

How Much?

Just $97 for the entire online course.

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Warren Arbuckle PMP

'Leveraging MindManager for project management is the natural evolution of early visualization starting from the Gantt chart.'


"a valuable–and consistent–way to plan future projects"
Learning how to use MindManager – and applying it in my daily working environment – has been great. Now I am comfortable consulting it for various work projects, and can feel a real difference in the level of my own productivity and priority setting. I am considering rolling it out amongst my departmental managers, because I think it will provide them with a valuable – and consistent - way to plan future projects with our customers.
Nick Coyle, New Zealand

"saves me 3-4 hours per week!"
I use my Project Dashboard for every project meeting now. I can keep everything organized in one spot so I can get to it right when I need it. This alone saves me 3-4 hours of meeting prep time per week!
John Sachen, USA

"even without specialized knowledge anyone can manage projects."
This course is a dynamic blending of project management with MindManager. In no time, even without specialized prior knowledge of project management or MindManager, anyone can manage stakeholders, keep track of project milestones and more with ease. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn how to manage projects in an effective and efficient way and wants to do so on a low budget.
Simon Way, PMP, UK

"a single point of status and control"
Prior to the course, I used MindManager at the beginning of projects, but then struggled as to when and how to transfer to more robust PM tools. The course provided a springboard for ideas as to how to use MindManager for smaller projects without having to use more complex tools. For larger projects I still start with MindManager, but then as the projects grow and other tools are required, I know how to better use MindManager as a single point of status and control.
Mike O, PMP, USA

"keeps my team on track when things go wrong"
MindManager is such a powerful tool, I felt a little intimidated at first. Now I feel much more at ease after completing this course. Using the Project Dashboard has given me a solid structure and framework that was missing in my project planning before. Now I use it constantly as it helps me keep my team connected and on target. It has really been an anchor that keeps my team on track when things go wrong.
Greg M, Japan