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Can I use the Project Dashboard for other aspects of business? Yes, I use it for sales, analyzing customers’ needs and problems and creating business plans—among other uses. MindManager® for Projects will supply you with lots of ideas for customizing it.

Do I have to buy MindManager® and JCV Gantt® to do the course? No, I’ll show you how to download free demos you can use during the course. You can decide whether to buy later.

Why MindManager® and not another mapping software? There are many good mapping programs available. Some are free, but those don’t work well with project management. I chose MindManager® for two reasons: 1. I’ve been using it successfully for a number of years in practical, real-world business situations; and 2. after analyzing the competition, I firmly believe MindManager® still provides the most innovative options and is the best team-building software available.

Can I use other mapping software for the course? Probably not a good idea as the exercise videos use MindManager® exclusively. To avoid confusion, I suggest using the free demos for the course and then creating a Project Dashboard in your other mapping program later.

Do you need to be a project manager to take this course? No, this course is designed to teach project management basics so it’s appropriate for anyone new to project management. You can also view the instruction videos as many times as you like.

Can I use the Project Dashboard for any project regardless of size and industry? Yes, because after learning or reviewing the fundamentals of project management you can then customize the Project Dashboard to meet your specific project needs.

Can I use scheduling software such as MS Project® with MindManager®? Currently only JVC Gantt® (also known as Mindjet Gantt®) and MS Project link with MindManager®. Even if you don’t use either, however, you can still use your current software. You’ll just have two files, one for the Project Dashboard and one for the scheduling software.

I am looking to increase my knowledge in PMI standards. As I review your course it appears to focused on the product (MindManager) is that the case? The course is based on PMBOK and focuses on the project life cycle (initiation, planning, execution & close out) in detail. At the end of each section there are exercises bases on a case study. Each of the these exercises utilizes MindManager to build a Project Dashboard (PD) The PD acts as a visual interface to put into action what is learned in the course. The PD can then be used as a customizable template to set up and run future projects. This connects what you learned during training directly to the workplace.

How could someone like myself (currently unemployed) benefit from the course? The PD will help to differentiate you. I’ve found that clients are always impressed when I show them one of my PDs. And even more so when I begin building their project and have them collaborating on certain aspects. As it’s visual, it’s intuitive and I can add their comments/ideas/questions right then and there. Also as I’m in Japan, I usually use a bi-lingual PD which help a lot with multi cultural projects.

It also appears that if I use this application I would need to renew yearly to use the program. Is that how it works? You can access the course for 1 year for review to ensure you’ve completely understood the materials. (It’s not hard.) MindManager is a software program sold by Mindjet ( and as such needs to be bought separately. You can do the course using Mindjet’s free demo and then decide later.

What languages are available? This course is currently available in English and Japanese. MindManager® is available in a number of languages. (

How long can I view the videos for? You can view your MindManager® for Projects videos as many times as you want for 1 year. If you need more time after this, contact us and we can arrange an extension.

What PC will I need to view the online training videos? You will need either a Macintosh with OS X and QuickTime installed or a Windows PC running XP SP2 or later and Windows Media Player installed with a reasonably fast CPU (Core2 Duo 1.8 MHz or better).

Will I need an internet connection? Yes, you will need an Internet connection with a speed of better than 512 Kb/s. The easy-to-watch, large, 800 x 600 resolution video streams are optimized for 768 Kb/s connections available in most countries. The Project Dashboard Tour is an Adobe Flash Video file and plays on most common browsers.

What video player will I need on my PC? The training videos are streamed as both QuickTime and Windows Media Player files. If you choose to view the QuickTime streams you will need QuickTime for either OS X or for Windows (from Apple). If you choose to view the Windows Media Player streams, you will need Flip4Mac WMV (for Mac) or Windows Media Player (for Windows).

Can I download the training videos? No, they are QuickTime and Windows Media Player streams, but after you have signed up, you can watch the same streams over as many times as you like.

What browser is best for viewing this site? We have optimized this site for Safari (Mac and Windows), Firefox 3.6 (Mac and Windows), and Chrome (beta Mac and Windows). Depending on how they handle css code, other non-css compliant browsers (like IE) may not work. IE 7 and 8 seem to render most pages OK but IE6 is too early and you should upgrade.

What do I do if I have forgotten my name and password? Check the email you received after signing up the first time. If you no longer have that email, send an email to the site administrator including your name and email address and we will send you your name and password again.

How do I watch the MindManager Version 8 and 9 videos? The new Mac/Win videos are in Adobe Flash format supported by nearly all modern browsers with the Adobe Flash plugin. Because the iPad does not support Flash, we also provide QuickTime files for it. These will also play on any Mac or any Windows PC with QuickTime for Windows installed. If you have trouble playing a Mac/Win Flash file, check that you have the Adobe Flash plugin installed in your browser preferences.

Why don’t some QuickTime video streams play with QuickTime X in Mac OS X 10.6.x? There is a bug in OS X 10.6.2 thru 10.6.6 and Safari 4.05 and 5.x that sometimes prevents playing of QT video files larger than 100 MB. Until Apple fixes it, Safari may need the following workaround:

  • Quit Safari.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Highlight Safari and click (command + i) to display the Get Info panel.
  • In the General: panel, put a check the box that says “Open in 32-bit mode.”
  • Restart Safari and try to stream the video again.