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You continue to do projects your way as the Virtual Project Room can be easily customized to incorporate your, your company’s and your industries project management needs. The key advantage of the Project Dashboard is having everything and anything related to your project organized and accessible on one page.
At your fingertips will be:

  • All documentation: just click and open in MindManager®.
  • Project team and stakeholder contact info: you can send an e-mail without leaving the Project Dashboard.
  • You can use the same Project Dashboard for presenting the project to team members, customers, management—to any and all stakeholders. Save time on preparation!
  • All requirements. You can even add attachments and notes from previous requirement-gathering sessions to ensure stakeholder needs are captured and recorded.
  • The detailed project scope including schedule, resources assignment and project costs
  • The project scope can be dynamically linked to a traditional Gantt chart
  • Communication, quality and risk management plans complete with alerts to automate monitoring, just set’em and forget’em!
  • All your meetings minutes can be recorded in the Project Dashboard. You can either add them directly or attach them.
  • The entire project map can be saved as an archive to capture the entire project for future use. And back up is a breeze.
  • For those without MindManager®, you can save and send the Project Dashboard as an interactive Project Dashboard file.
  • The Project Dashboard can also be used to bring new project team members up to speed quickly, even when the new member is not a project manager.
  • Everything in one place, in the same place every time, makes projects, whether multi site, virtual or global more efficient and much easier to manage. Back…

Applicable to Any Project in Any Industry

MindManager® for Projects and the Project Dashboard working in tandem is the simplest and most efficient way to learn and perform project management. Together, they are applicable to any project in any industry.
If you manage projects or just want to learn how to use MindManager® for your business, MindManager® for Projects will change the way you and your team work.

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